About Me

Nicky VanValkenburghHi, I'm Nicky VanValkenburgh. I wrote Train Your Brain, Transform Your Life after experiencing a remarkable personal transformation with brain training for ADHD. 

I spent three years researching and writing my book. It explains the science behind the brain training technology, as well as personal stories, insights and experiences. By reading my book, you'll be able to examine the facts for yourself and make an informed decision as to whether brain training is right for you.

I'm a motivational writer with 20 years experience writing for newspapers and magazines. She has a Master's in Journalism from Regent University, and a Bachelor's in Psychology from Eastern University.

Sometimes people ask me about my last name. Valkenburgh is the name of city in Holland, where I was born. (It's my married name, but I still have relatives who live in the Netherlands.) I immigrated to America when I was two years old. I grew up speaking Dutch and English at home. I've lived in various parts of Europe (Italy, Belgium, Holland) for eight years.

Currently, I live in South Carolina with my husband and sons. In my spare time, I enjoy exercising at the gym, networking with people, attending conferences, listening to motivational speakers, reading books, eating Thai food, drinking herbal tea, and learning all that I can about healthy living.


Nicky VanValkenburgh