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Dr. Melanie Barton
, Psychotherapist, The Dr. Melanie Show, Tallahassee, Florida. Voice America Radio.
Patrick Timpone, One Radio Network. Dripping Springs, Tx.
Dr. Kari Miller, Psychologist, Miller Educational Excellence, Special Kid's School Talk, Los Angeles, Ca.
Dr. Bob Rose, Psychologist, Cal State professor, Huffington Post writer, Rewiring the Brain, San Bernadino, Ca.
Linnaea Mallette, author, motivational speaker, "Read My Lips" radio show & website, Chatsworth, Ca.
Fairytale Wishes Radio with Debbie Glickman & Dhana Cohen. Highland Park, IL. Toginet Radio.


Dr Melanie Barton

Nicky's interview with Dr. Melanie Barton
on July 28, 2011

Patrick Timpone

Nicky's interview with Patrick Timpone
"One Radio Network" on July 11, 2011

Part one

Part two



 Nicky's interview with Linnaea Mallette
"Read My Lips" on July 14, 2011


Gaptooth Diva Radio

Nicky's interview with Gaptooth Diva in September, 2011

Laura B Young Life Resource Radio

Nicky's interview with Laura B. Young's Life Resource Center in August, 2011.




Nicky's interview with Dr. Bob Rose
"Rewiring the Brain" on June 24, 2011

 kari miller 

 Nicky's interview with Dr. Kari Miller
"Special Kid School Talk" on July 15, 2011


Katherine Waddell

Nicky's interview with Katherine Waddell
of 'Something Needs to Be Said" Radio on
August 15, 2011


.Fairy Tales Wishes

Nicky's interview on Debbie Glickman
& Dhana Cohen's "Fairytale Wishes,"
August 9, 2011