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Gina Ghioldi, Brass Ring Radio. Lexington, MA.
Joyce Anderson, "Conversations With Yourself," Voice America Radio.
Kristin MacDonald, Second Vision Radio Show, Los Angeles, CA.
Brad King, Transforming Health, Voice America Radio.
Daytime with Donna. Donna Introcasa & Nina Fry. Toginet Radio.
Passionate World Radio. Lillian Cauldwell.  Ann Arbor, MI.

Family Caretakers Unite. Dr Gordon Atherley. Voice America Radio.
Helen Woo on "Self Aid Success Stories," Toginet Radio.
Feet 2 To The Fire. James Arthur Jancik. Chicago, IL.

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Dr. Melanie Barton, Psychotherapist, The Dr. Melanie Show, Tallahassee, Florida. Voice America Radio.
Patrick Timpone, One Radio Network. Dripping Springs, Tx.
Dr. Kari Miller, Psychologist, Miller Educational Excellence, Special Kid's School Talk, Los Angeles, Ca.
Dr. Bob Rose, Psychologist, Cal State professor, Huffington Post writer, Rewiring the Brain, San Bernadino, Ca.
Linnaea Mallette, author, motivational speaker, "Read My Lips" radio show & website, Chatsworth, Ca.  
Gaptooth Diva, Blogtalk Radio. Richmond, Va.
Laura B. Young, Life Resource Center. Montgomery, AL
Fairytale Wishes Radio with Debbie Glickman & Dhana Cohen. Highland Park, IL. Toginet Radio.


joyce anderson

Nicky's interview with Joyce Anderson, "Conversations With Yourself," Voice America Radio. October 27, 20011

Kristin MacDonald Second Vision 

Nicky's interview with Kristin MacDonald
of "Second Vision"
 on July 29, 2011.



Nicky's interview on "Daytime with Donna"
with Donna Introcaso & Nina Frye
 on August 12, 2011


X-Zone's Rob McConnell interviews
Nicky VanValkenburgh in August 2011

  Dr Gordon Atherly Family Caretakers Unite

 Nicky's interview with Dr. Gordon Atherley's
Family Caretakers Unite,
 August 16, 2011.


(Second interview) Nicky & Dave Siever of Mind Alive talk
with Dr. Gordon Atherley on November 16, 2011.


Gina Ghioldi

Nicky's interview with Gina Ghioldi
of "Brass Ring Radio"
 on October 11, 2011.


Brad King

Nicky's interview with Brad King
"Transforming Health"
 on July 20, 2011

Feet 2 the fire James Arthur Jancik Black knight

Feet 2 the fire James Arthur Jancik Black knight

Nicky's interview on Feet 2 Fire Radio
with James Arthur Jancik on Sept 18, 2011

passion world radio

Nicky's interview with Lillian Cauldwell, Passionate World Radio on August 18, 2011

helen woo 

Nicky's interview with Helen Woo on
"Self Aid Success Stories"
 on October 26, 2011


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