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Feedback. What people are saying about Train Your Brain, Transform Your Life.


Foreword. A brief introduction to brain training by David Sevier of Mind Alive, Inc. 

Chapter 1:
 Getting A Jump Start On ADHD. Discoverfive things that your brain needs in order to conquer ADHD.

Chapter 2: ADHD & The DSM-IV. Discover eight symptoms of ADHD, loosely adapted from the American Psychiatric Association's Diagnostic and Statistics Manual, or DSM-IV.

Chapter 3: ADHD & “The Elephant And Six Blind Men.” 
It's confusing when experts diagnose and treat ADHD differently. Who is right, who is wrong, and what really matters? 

Chapter 4: ADHD & The ALERT Brain Training Solution.
 Learn specific techniques and strategies for training with the ALERT light and sound machine, plus six landmarks to help to gauge your progress. 


Chapter 5: ADHD, Ritalin & “The Emperor's New Clothes.” The classic story by Hans Christian Andersen is a good metaphor for what is happening in the mental health community. ADHD advocates claim that Ritalin is a magic bullet, but there are at least ten compelling reasons to avoid Ritalin.

Chapter 6: Three Ways That Ritalin Stimulates And Arouses The Brain
. Ritalin affects the brain in three positive ways, but long-term use actually negates these benefits and makes ADHD worse. Discover how you can turn on your brainpower and get the same benefits of Ritalin without swallowing pills. 


Chapter 7: Demystifying The Chemical Imbalance Of ADHD. It's a controversial subject, but a chemical imbalance refers to a deficiency or disruption of neurotransmitters in the brain. Discover how the so-called chemical imbalance of ADHD can be corrected by eating dopamine-rich foods, in addition to brain training.

Chapter 8: ADHD & Increasing Electro-Chemical Communication Between Brain Cells. It’s important for your brain cells to talk to each other. Discover how to boost your brain’s electro-chemical functioning (and correct the imbalance of ADHD) with brain training. 


Chapter 9: Understanding Your Brainwaves.Discover the four types of brainwaves, and how they cause and correct problems. Plus, there are five things to keep in mind about brainwaves, as it relates to ADHD.

Chapter 10: Balancing The Tempo Of Your Brainwaves.With ADHD, your brainwaves are either sluggish (too slow), hyperactive (too fast), or somewhere in between. The trick is to correct this imbalance, so the speed of your brainwaves is within a normal range. 

Chapter 11: Getting Into The Rhythm Of Peak Performance. Having ADHD is like being rhythmically challenged. You’re out of step with the rhythm of focusing, concentrating, and remembering. Discover how to get in-synch with the rhythm of peak performance.

Chapter 12: Unleashing The Power Of Brainwave Entrainment.
 To “entrain” means to follow a rhythm and move at the exact same pace. It is a principle found in nature, as well as the human mind and body. Discover ten things that entrainment does for your brain. 


Chapter 13: Unleashing The Sensory Motor Rhythm. It may be the biggest breakthrough in non-invasive medicine in the past 50 years. This rhythm is used in brain training clinics throughout the country to reduce ADHD, and now you can practice and master it in the comfort of your own home. 


Chapter 14: Your Brain Is Plastic. Your brain is a growing, changing, and dynamic organ. It is not fixed or wired for life. “Brain plasticity” refers to your brain's potential to be shaped, molded, or changed— which is great news for ADHD. 

Chapter 15: Stress & The Fight Or Flight Response.
 Stress makes your brain work less when you need it the most. Discover why learning to relax and de-stress is an important part of conquering your ADHD. 

Chapter 16: The Three Rs: Relaxation, Repair And Rejuvenation. Discover how you can flip the switch, turn off stress, and put the power of relaxation to work for you. 


Chapter 17: Final Words. Here is a recap of five ADHD problems, and how brain training with the ALERT helps you to conquer them. 


Five Day Chart For The ALERT 90-Day Brain Training Program 

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